Paolo Schianchi

Solo Guitar

Paolo Schianchi is an out-of-the-ordinary musician and performer, able to master all existing variations of the guitar, from the Renaissance lute to electric guitars, to unique instruments which he has created. Among them, a 49-string guitar he personally designed, made specially for him.

With four Degrees in Music and Communications, he was the first Artist in Residence in the history of Saint Francis University in Pennsylvania. He was also the first solo guitarist to perform at the Carnegie Museum of Art.


“Most Outstanding Musicians and Incredible Talent” – Charlie Rapino

“That was the MOST amazing piece of genius I’ve ever seen. I saw it three times already, and it brought me to tears” – Fabio Gasperini


Sample Program

  • Classical
    Johan Sebastian Bach – Prelude BWV 1007 on classical guitar
    Giuseppe Verdi – Potpourri

  • Blues & Jazz
    Robert Johnson – Cross Road Blues on voice, blues harp & resonator guitar
    Muddy Waters – Can’t Be Satisfied on voice, blues harp & resonator guitar
    Antonio Carlos Jobin – Girl from Ipanema/Black Orpheus on hollow body jazz guitar

  • Pop & Rock
    Lennon/McCartney – Come Together on 49-string guitar
    Michael Jackson – Medley on 49-string guitar
    Paul Simon – Kathy’s Song on 49-string guitar
    Bob Dylan – The Girl from the North Coutry on 49 string guitar
    Jimi Hendrix – Improvisation/Variations on electric guitar
    Pink Floyd – Comfortably Numb on electric guitar
    Carlos Santana – Black Magic Woman on electric guitar
    Lucio Dalla – Caruso/O Sole Mio on various guitars


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